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  • Michal Pařízek

    Michal Pařízek

    Growth PM @Smartlook

  • Jakub Kratina

    Jakub Kratina

  • Sintija Meissner

    Sintija Meissner

  • Mira Vlach & Projektový klub

    Mira Vlach & Projektový klub

    Život je plný projektů. Provozovatel webů BankaProjektu.cz a SkoleniPM.cz, organizátor Projektového klubu (Projektovyklub.cz).

  • Jane Doe Thinks

    Jane Doe Thinks

    You wanna know? Just ask.

  • Martin Masek

    Martin Masek

    Co-founder and CTO at www.cod8.io. Previously product manager at Microsoft. On a journey to achieve personal freedom and live on own terms.

  • Jenda Perla

    Jenda Perla

    VP Marketing for Kentico Xperience at Kentico, marketing, sales, business, strategy, slam poetry, green innovations, and politics

  • Lenka Stawarczyk

    Lenka Stawarczyk

    Marketing and social media freak. Picky fashion and board games lover, with a big mouth sometimes.

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